The Best Drinking Containers for Walking and Hiking

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Walking and hiking are two very popular methods of keeping fit. They allow people to work on their cardio whilst enjoying the natural landscape around them. One of the downsides to these activities is that they can cause the person to become dehydrated in a fairly isolated environment. It is important that they bring drinking containers with them to hydrate themselves with when they need it. The ones available from from Stelton range of the Royal Design website are particularly appealing. Their catalogue contains a plethora of useful products to take on a hiking trip or long walk.


Whilst drinking coffee during a walk or hike may sound counterintuitive due to its dehydrating nature, this type of beverage still has its uses. Physical activities outside can be both cold and tiring. Coffee can help to warm the hiker whilst the caffeine gives them enough energy to keep on going. There are plenty of Stelton coffee products such as brewers, mugs and jugs. These could be utilised for hiking and walking once energy levels start to lag.

Water and Soft Drinks

No matter what additional drinks the hiker chooses to bring along, they should always have some water on hand. Hydration is crucial during exercise. The Stelton range offers drinking bottles which keep water cool for extended periods of time. There are also water glasses if the hiker decides to have a picnic. Some soft drinks come in bottle form. If these are used on the hike then, a bottle opener should also be brought along.

Tea and Cake

Occasionally, hikers will want to take some time to sit down and relax. Tea and cake are ideal picnic choices. Stelton tea jugs, kettles, teapots, napkin holders and dessert cutlery are worth bringing on the trip. They will add a touch of elegance to the picnic.

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