Hiking for the Disabled

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When an individual becomes disabled, there are so many things in life they are robbed of. Even the little things that are taken for granted by a healthy human being like walking. For those who have been active and then are stricken with a disability that affects their mobility, this can be devastating. Some measures are being taken to help those who find themselves in this position. Particularly for those who have had to give up their hiking dreams.

Hikers Helping Hikers

There are a lot of heartbreaking stories about avid hikers who have had to give up their hiking activities and aspirations because of a disability that has suddenly struck them. Such was the case of one young lady who ended up being confined to a wheelchair. She was hit with the reality that she would no longer be able to enjoy her hiking friends on their adventures. However, her hiking associates were not about to accept this. Instead, they all banded together to set out on a hiking expedition that was comprised of a 14,000-foot mountain climb.

But they were taking this young lady along with them. Many of them took turns carrying the woman on their backs as they scaled the mountain. The young lady was beyond pleased but did not expect to reach the summit. For her just being part of this expedition was enough. Much to her amazement though she reached the peak along with the rest. A wonderful story that depicts that anything is possible.


There are other organisations that are banding together to make hiking more of a reality for those who are disabled. They have set about to try and make some of the important changes that would be necessary to allow for this. One group that is actively involved in this endeavour is a group of disabled individuals who are committed to this type of project.

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