Determine Your Fitness Levels

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In section one of this guide, you learnt that one of the factors to consider before you go for a hike is to determine if you’re fit for the strenuous activity. But how fit should you be, and how do you decide you’re suitable for this event?

Start Off Slow

If you’re just starting, be sure to choose flat ground in your neighbourhood or in your local park. Work on your fitness to assess whether you can head for the hills. A 30-minute walk daily will boost your fitness.

Keep It Short

How much ground should you cover when starting from scratch? You don’t want to burn out after your first hike. Find shorter recreation trails and build your fitness as you get used to walking for hours. You may start by walking three to five kilometres, then increasing the distance bit by bit. It feels more like walking, but with time you’ll be strong enough to go for longer distances.

Go to the Hills

Now that you can walk non-stop on flat terrain for more than three kilometres, you can now head for the hills, which are fairly tough. But make sure that you choose a trail which has a good reputation. The route should be well maintained and clearly marked to ensure that you don’t get lost. You may want to start out on a forest road or along a rocky beach. You can also find a myriad of trails through a simple search online.

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