Choosing a Hiking Route

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How do you find a perfect hike? Finding the right trail route requires a few variables, including, but not limited to, fitness level, time, distance, ground to be covered, logistics, and weather.

  • Time

How much time do you have? Three to four hours or the whole day? This helps you determine the amount of time you spend hiking. Also, factor in the period it takes to get the trail.

  • Distance

Consider the miles you’re comfortable hiking. Unless it’s a competition, you can decide whether you want to go for a long hike or not.

  • Terrain

The surface of the trail is also an important factor, given that it determines the time it takes you to cover the ground. Is it rocky, sandy, or is it full of vegetation? This helps you decide how much weight you can carry on your back.

  • Weather

The weather and climate of the region you’re hiking in helps you determine what you can wear and carry. Also, you’re not allowed to access some trails at certain times of the year. The authorities responsible may deem the path dangerous or may want the vegetation to recover.

  • Fitness level

What’s your physical shape? Can you withstand the challenges which come with hiking? Given that, there are hikes for everyone to choose a route that best fits you. There’s no need to strain when you’re in the right physical condition.

  • Elevation gain

How high can you go? As with running and cycling, you need to consider the total ascent when mountaineering or hiking. The cumulative elevation gain determines the difficulty of the hike. With a little experience and by asking the experts, you’ll know how steep or gentle the trail is.

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