Other Items You Need When Hiking

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In addition to boots and clothes, there are other essential items you need to bring with you when you go hiking. You need, among other things, food, water, a first-aid kit, headlamps, and a knife.

  • Food

Bring enough food to keep you fuelled. When going for shorter hikes, just carry a chocolate bar and some fruit. For longer trips and when going in the hills, bring energy-rich foods, such as nuts and snacks. You may need to have a meal plan for multiple-day treks.

  • Water

Water is a basic need when working out. You want to be hydrated throughout the trail, given that you lose a lot of water when walking for extremely long distances. Sip water every 20 minutes, especially when you’re in hot environments. Be sure to use purification tablets on any water which you deem unclean.

  • Sunglasses and Hat

Wear a suitable hat and sunglasses to help protect yourself against the scorching sun. You may also apply sunscreen to avoid burning.

  • Knife

You want to cut off vegetation which traps your feet. A knife also comes handy if you’re camping or gathering fruit while trekking in areas covered with thick vegetation.

  • First-aid Kit

You need first-aid supplies to care for small cuts and other accidents. A small kit with duct tape, surgical spirit, and a few other things is enough.

  • Fire Starter

One easy way to keep yourself warm during nights is by starting a small fire. The fire may also keep away dangerous and small predators.

  • Whistle

How do you get attention when you’re lost or when you come across any form of danger? A whistle can help you call for help in times of emergencies. There might not be cellphone networks deep in the woods, and a simple whistle works magic in desperate times.

  • Headlamp

Experts don’t recommend hiking into the night, but things happen, and you may find yourself walking in the evening on a few occasions. A headlamp lights the way for you and helps you avoid injuries.

  • Insect Repellent

You’ll obviously come across a myriad of insects during hikes. These bugs are hungry for blood and take every opportunity to suck you dry. Some of them have poison, which may make you sick or even kill you. Bring a can of insect repellent to keep away the bugs.

  • Walking Poles

Walking poles are a personal preference, but they are necessary for hilly terrains. They give you support when climbing or testing the depth of the ground if you’re hiking in muddy areas. Basically, these trail poles give you balance and minimise the strain on your knees and ankles. However, experienced hikers don’t use trekking poles at all.

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