Mistakes That Beginners Make on a Great South West Walk

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Great South West Walk

Mistakes That Beginners Make on a Great South West Walk

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Maybe it’s the fact that the Great South West is not the most dangerous trail out there, that tends to throw people off track. Beginners constantly make the same mistakes on this path. Coastal trails may appear more serene to the mountains or woods. At least a bear won’t have you for lunch. But make no mistake – coastal trails have their own set of problems you must be aware of.

Take the challenge

It is totally fine if you want to take the path just to exercise, see how far you can go. Honestly, in this day and age we can only applaud such choices.

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However, if you are trying to make the most out of the trail, see and experience as much as you can. And we are not talking about experience as sitting in the restaurant staring at your screen. Pure, raw, unfiltered experience. Everything that a trail has to offer.

Don’t make the mistake of coming unprepared. Look at it as an investment a Warren Buffet would make. To get the most it, prepare extensively.

You don’t need so much stuff

While not the majority, not anymore, but still a significant amount of beginners take on the trail with way too much stuff. Very often you will be crossing popular tourist locations – with bed and breakfasts as well as small shops. So, save your energy and make your backpack lighter.

gssw temperature

It’s Colder than it looks

If you are not specially trained, you must never forget that you are taking not just any old road in the Midwest. Prepare for a cold wind of the English Channel, even If you are taking the trail in the summer. Especially at night it won’t feel too comfy.

Add 20% of time

Once a group of marines took the trail and doing it in couples managed to complete the whole 1000 km trail in 4 days. You are no marine. Forget the nice stories you hear about people completing the trail in 7 weeks.

If you are taking the trail, in batches or the whole at a time, plan it and then add 20% more time to spend. Because you will need it.

Common mistakes are there for you to learn from and make your walk better. Do that, prepare and you will have a much better experience on the Great South West.

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