Hiking Trail Etiquette

  • fred 

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been hiking for years, knowing trail etiquette helps you get along with other hikers and protect nature. In essence, you need to be aware of whether you should give the right of way when you come across cyclists, horse riders, and other hikers.

You have the right of way when climbing a hill. You may want to step aside and take a breather. But be aware that it all depends on what you want. It’s easier for the hiker coming downhill to give you the right of way. The same applies to bicycles, in that they yield to you when you’re going uphill. But given that cyclists may be moving at higher speed, and might not be aware of the hiking rules, you can give way to avoid injuries. When you come across equestrians (horse riders), they get the right of way.

Be sure also to follow the “Leave No Trace” rule to protect nature. The rule asserts that you should always plan ahead, travel on durable surfaces, leave what you find, respect wildlife, mind other visitors, dispose of waste properly, and minimise the impact of campfires.

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