Essential Hiking Gear

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Walking is a cheap hobby, and with the right hiking gear you can just go on any trail in the world. But, there are a few pieces of equipment, such as a pair of boots, a backpack, and comfortable clothing, which you need before you start your hike. Be careful though to choose the gear depending on the environment you’re hiking in.

Steps to Finding the Perfect Hiking Boots

Your feet may be the most important asset, or rather tool when it comes to hiking. This is because they come in contact with the ground for extended periods and do most of the work. You want to feel comfortable and avoid getting blisters. Poorly fitting shoes may also cause hammer toes, knee and ankle injuries, ingrown toenails, and walkers heel. Wear runners when going for flat trails and easy forest walks. But why not use the same footwear for the hills? If you’re hiking in the mountains and on rough, rocky terrains, you want boots to have a firm grip with the ground. Trail shoes may be an alternative, but they don’t give you the comfort and ankle support found in boots. Whichever footwear you go for, ensure that they’re made of quality leather which feels comfortable, are waterproof, and offer substantial protection against the ground.

Socks for Hiking

Socks are also important when hiking. Be sure to buy socks for hiking or walking for long distances. They should be comfortable and breathable to keep your feet dry. One other way to avoid blisters is also wearing thick socks which cushion your toes against your heavy boots. Carry at least two pairs of socks.

Appropriate Clothing for Hiking

As with boots, the clothing you wear matters a lot when hiking. You don’t want something which makes you feel extremely cold. Neither do you want to sweat throughout your journey. So, be sure to do thorough research of the area where you’re going hiking, to ascertain what you should wear. Weather varies from higher to lower heights. You may consult with hiking experts to determine the right clothing for you. Regardless of the hiking route you choose, wear multiple layers to keep you warm. Avoid cotton unless you’re going to a hot place such as deserts. After all, you don’t want something that will stick to your skin or trap sweat.

How to Choose a Hiking Backpack

Do you want a backpack which reduces the impact of walking on rough terrain and carrying a few pounds of clothes and hiking items? Shop for quality backpacks that are specifically designed for hiking. You want a smaller pack if going on shorter trails. But you want something more substantial for longer or multiple-day trips.

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